What is a DCV email?

In efforts to protect against potential fraud, SSL Vendors have recently increased security measures. One of these new security proceedures is called Domain Control Validation (DCV) email.

Here's how it works:

1) You place your ssl order for whatever-your-ssl-domain-is.com

2) The ssl vendor will send an email to one of the following email addresses:

- The email address listed at whois for whatever-your-ssl-domain-is.com (privacy protection must be disabled)
- admin@whatever-your-ssl-domain-is.com
- webmaster@whatever-your-ssl-domain-is.com
- administrator@whatever-your-ssl-domain-is.com
- hostmaster@whatever-your-ssl-domain-is.com
- postmaster@whatever-your-ssl-domain-is.com

3) That email will contain a url and a code - you'll just click on the link, and paste the code as directed.

4) The SSL Vendor verifies the information you provided, and then the ssl is either issued, or queued for further screening.

If you have any questions about the DCV email, please let us know.

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