How to Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using Cpanel

How to Generate a CSR:

1) Log into cPanel

2) Click on "SSL/TLS Manager":

3) Click on "Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests":

4) Select the dropdown option to "Generate a new key":

5) Type the domain in the "domains" field  (If you want the www. subdomain to work with ssl, please include it here):

6) Fill out the appropriate contact information:

7) Fill in a password you'd like to use for the certificate

8) Type the domain in the description field, then click to generate the CSR:

9) The new CSR will be generated (everything from "-----begin-----" to "-----end------"):

10) Simply provide the CSR to your ssl vendor when you purchase your SSL Certificate. If you have not already chosen an SSL Company, please check out

11) Once you have your certificate, gather your Key, CA bundle (if you were sent one), and CRT files, and click here for instructions on How to install an SSL Certificate using Cpanel.

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