MySQL Errors - Table Corrupted or marked as IN USE

At the top of the page it has a MySQL error that says that it can't connect to the xcart_sessions_table (or other table). The page displays ok, but the error is showing up on the page (several times sometimes) and it looks ugly.

This is a common error with MySQL tables that are using sessions to keep track of where customers are on a website. To fix these errros on your page it is a simple process:

1) Log into your CPanel

2) Click on the MySQL button

3) Click on the phpMyAdmin link at the bottom of the page

4) Select the database for your x-cart

5) On the new page there are checkboxes. Click the one next to the xcart_sessions_data and scroll to the bottom of the page

6) Using the dropdown menu, select to REPAIR table Problem should be fixed. It is also a good idea to select ALL TABLES and REPAIR TABLES this way. Optimizing tables is something else that should be done on a regular basis. Select all tables, and from the dropdown select Optimize Tables.


If this does not resolve your issue, and you have SHELL access, please use the following article:

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