How can I download a backup of my website?

Even though we back up web hosting accounts on an hourly basis using r1soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software, it is still important for you to maintain your own local backup of your important website files. In your cPanel control panel interface, you can access the "Backup" interface for several options to download your own backups.

Full Backup (Standard/E-Commerce Web Hosting)

All full backup of all accounts on the server is automatically generated each night and available to all web hosting customers. You can download the most recent full backup by clicking the "Daily" button in this section. Note that if you are needing a current full backup archive generated for migration or other purposes, please contact our support to schedule one to be made during offpeak hours.

Home Directory Backup

You can download a current backup of your entire home directory using this option. Note that this backup would include your mail, web, and log files, but would NOT include databases.

MySQL Database Backup

You can download a backup of any databases you have in your account using this option.

Download Email Forwarders/Email Filters

Email forwarders and filtering rules can be backed up using this option.

Dedicated and Virtual Private Server (VPS) Customers

Dedicated and VPS customers using cPanel have most of the above backup options available, though automatic full backups are not configured by default on these platforms. You do have the option however to generate your own full backup on-demand using the "Generate or Download a Full Backup" option. Keep in mind that this option can be extremely resource intensive on large accounts and should only be performed during off-peak hours. Also, this option is disabled for standard/E-Commerce Web Hosting customers for performance reasons.

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