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This article is marked for deletion as it is relevant only to add-on software for Windows Vista and is considered arcane. Customers should use Windows Advanced Firewall, which does not block these requests by default.


If you are able to access your site, but not Cpanel, chances are that port 2082 is being blocked.

You can think of port 2082 as your cpanel "channel" that must be unblocked before you can access it. Whether you're in an office and need to contact an adminitrator to have the port opened, whether your router's firewall is blocking you, or whether you're using a popular firewall program, you will need to find a way to open the port before you'll be able to access cpanel.

If you're using Microsoft Windows Live OneCare, you might be having trouble figuring out how to get the port open. After some searching and playing with their support center, we found the answer for you. To quote them:

Microsoft says: Some programs or hardware services may require you to open a network port.
1. Under Common Tasks, click Change OneCare settings.
2. On the Firewall tab, under Other settings, click Advanced Settings.
3. On the Ports and Protocols tab, click Add.
4. In the Name box, type a name to help you identify the port.
5. Under Protocol, click TCP or UDP.
6. In the TCP or UDP list, click TCP, UDP, or TCP/UDP.
7. In the Port Range boxes, specify a range. To open a specific port, type the port number in both boxes.
8. Under Connections for this protocol or port range, in the For Connections box, click Inbound,
Outbound, or Both.
9. Next to Scope, click Internet or Local network (subnet).
10. Click OK, then click OK again.

So, since cpanel is on TCP port 2082 , use those directions to open that as an outbound port. Then, if you'd like webmail access as well, follow them again to allow access to 2095. Please note that if you found this article but are with another host, the ports they use may be different. Please contact them to find out what ports you should be using.

Also note that if you're unable to access your site OR cpanel, you may have landed in OUR firewall. Please contact support online or through a ticket so we can investigate.
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