AutoSSL Fails at "Installing SSL Certificate"

Sometimes, when installing an SSL certificate through AutoSSL, it will say that Installing SSL Certificate failed, and a specific error message is left blank.

This is a known issue with AutoSSL, and usually, the SSL certificate actually does install correctly. Before putting in a support ticket, check to see if it actually did fail, like so:
  1. In Chrome, navigate to your website. Preferably a part that uses SSL like a sign-in page, cart or checkout. Depending on how your website is configured, you may be able to load your homepage over SSL by adding "HTTPS" to the beginning of it (
At this point, we should know if it's good, or have an idea of what's wrong. If AutoSSL failed with no error message on the Installing SSL Certificate stage, and the SSL certificate is actually not working, put in a ticket if you require assistance in fixing the issue.
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