How to restore files using the R1Soft cPanel Plugin

TSS makes a backup of all Standard and E-Commerce Web Hosting accounts every hour using R1Soft's Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software. This service is also available for Dedicated Hosting customers. You can easily restore files yourself using the R1Soft cPanel Plugin.

1) Click on the "R1Soft Restore Backups" icon in your cPanel, located in the "Files" section.

2) You will see a list of available recovery points. Choose the one that is closest to the time you want to restore. Note that up to 24 hourly recovery points are stored, as well as 7 daily and 4 weekly archives. Click on the icon that looks like a file folder with a magnifying glass to restore files.

3) You can navigate through your home directory by double-clicking on the file folder icons next to folder names. You can navigate backward using the "Up" button.

4) Click the check box next to files and folders you wish to restore. Once you have finished your selection, click the "Restore Selected" button to begin the restore process. NOTE: Any files not owned by you in your home directory cannot be restored by the plugin, such as the "access-logs" folder. This is normally not an issue, however, if you have a situation where your entire home directory was deleted, please contact our support team who can attempt to restore your entire account for you.

5) You will be asked to confirm that it's okay to overwrite files that already exist with backup copies before proceeding. If this isn't okay, click "Cancel" and either rename or move the existing files before attempting another restore.

6) A window will appear where you can monitor the restore process. If there are any errors during the restore, you can see them in the "Alert" tab. You can also find details on files that were restored in the "Files Restored" tab. NOTE: If you close this window, the restore process will continue, however you will not be able to get back to this screen to know when the restore is complete.

7) When the restore is complete, you will see a "Success: File restore completed successfully" message. If there are any problems with the restore, please contact our support team for assistance.

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