Do you backup my website(s)? How often? Should I backup my website to my computer?

TSS is not responsible for backups of your website.  While we make every effort to keep current backups of your sites, it is the client's responsibility to maintain current backups.

TSS always suggests and promotes you making your own personal backup of your website on a regular basis. You can download your own personal backups through the cPanel backup feature.

Customers that have purchased R1soft are backed up twice a day and retain 14 days of backups. Customer backup configurations are available upon requests.

Backups for VPS are done every 2 days and are snapshots; meaning we can not restore individual files but we can restore the entire vps to the backup date. r1Soft Backup Software is not compatible with VPS servers.

For dedicated server clients that wish to have the r1Soft backup software, you can purchase the software by reaching out to sales at 1-855-227-1939 or at

TSS is not responsible for lost data, time, income or any other resource due to faulty, corrupted, missing backups. We do NOT keep backups if your account is terminated or cancelled.

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