How to set up CDN services with HTTPS

Once you have signed up for CDN services, here's how you'd configure it to use HTTPS:

1) Log into with your billing email address and password. 

2) Click on "Services" at the top, then click on the "My Services" dropdown option:

3) Click on "Active" next to your CDN product you will see your username and password on the right side. Copy those down.

4) Login to

Once in on the left click on "SSL Certificates" then click on "Import SSL Certificate"

5)  Fill in the follwoing fields.


SSL Certificate key: PEM Format that means the following need to be in that 1 box

-Intermediate Cert
-root Cert

Private: Enter your private Key

Once done click "Create SSL Certificate"

6) Go back out and now click on "Resources on the Left Bar" the click on "CDN Resource Wizard".

#Type Select: HTTP


-CDN hostname:

-Enable SSL

-Custom SNI: Select your SSL Certificate you created earlier from the Drop Down. In this case we called ours

-Content Origin: Pull

-Origins:   # This is the actual domain you will be pulling content for.

Once done Click Next

7) One this page select the Tier you need and the "Create Resource"

11) Finally, you will need to modify the source code of your website and replace the URL for images and other cacheable content with your CDN hostname. 
<imgurl=“”> becomes <imgurl=“>

Here are a few articles you may find helpful in adjusting that:


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