How to purge email in Roundcube

1) Log into Webmail at (substituting the appropriate domain)

2)  Click on Roundcube

3) Click on the mail icon in the upper right:

4) Hightlight the email you wish to remove.
  • Click on "Select" at the bottom, then select the option "Current Page" to highlight all email on the curent page
  • Click on "Select" at the bottom, then select the option "All" to remove ALL emails. 
  • Or you may manually select individual emails you wish to delete:

5) Click on "Delete" at the top to send all old email to the trash bin:

6) Click on the "Settings" Icon in the upper right corner:

7) Click on the "Server Settings" section, and select the option to "Clear Trash on Logout", then click to save the changes:

8) Your trash bin will be purged the next time you log out of your account:

Reviewed : 11/13/2016

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