How to setup gmail or google app POP3 accounts

Below are instructions on how to setup Gmail or Google Apps to connect to your TSS email account. These settings will allow you to automatically download emails sent to your domain, and have them show up in gmail format.


1. In the top right, click the small cogwheel and then settings.

2. Click the Accounts and Import Tab, and then "Add a POP3 mail account you own" if you are setting up a new account. If you are editing an existing account, click the edit button next to that email account.

3. Enter the email address you are setting up and click next.

4. Enter your full email address as the username, and then the email password for the account.

Ensure that you have selected port 995, and also the "Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retreiving mail".

Ensure that you have the hostname of the server for the POP3 server field. To locate your hostname:You can find this in your Client Area under Services -> My Services -> View Details -> Hostname / Mail Server(for Standard or E-Commerce Web Hosting accounts).


NOTE: If your web hosting account is moved to another server, you will need to reconfigure your mail account with the new server hostname.

Click 'Add Account'. This will prompt google to check your login information that you've just provided. If you receive an error, re-check the settings.


5. If you want to send from your actual email account instead of from your gmail address, you'll want to click Yes on the next prompt:

6. Enter your name and click Next Step

7. To directly send through your TSS email account, use the exact same hostname in step #4 as the SMTP server, and port 587.

The username will be your full email address, as well as the same password you have previously set.

The final step is to check the destination address for an email confirmation:

If you continue to have trouble, please contact our support team for further assistance with relavent error messages and/or screenshots.

Reviewed : 11/13/2016

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