How to set up an email account in Mac OS X Mail

Please follow these instructions to set up an email account using the Mac OS X Mail client. While these steps were taken from Mac OS X Snow Leopard, they should be applicable to most versions of OS X.

1) After opening the Mail application, select "Add Account" from the "File" menu to begin setting up your email account.

2) Type in the appropriate information in the "Full Name," "Email Address" and "Password" fields, then click "Continue". The email address and password would be what you configured in your cPanel.

3) This warning message may appear because your email domain name (in this example, "") doesn't match the host name of the server where your email is hosted. This is normal behavior and is not a cause for concern. Click "Connect" to proceed to the next step.

4) Next you will select the type of mail account you are setting up.Total Server Solutions supports both IMAP and POP email accounts. We recommend using IMAP as your mail remains on the server and is not downloaded to your computer. This ensures that your mail will be accessible from multiple computers. However, you are free to use either mail type.

5) You can type a description of the incoming mail server if you wish (such as "John's Incoming"). The "Incoming Mail Server" would be the hostname of the server where your mail account is set up. You can find this information in your client area under Services -> My Services -> Click on the hosting server, then "Hostname / Mail Server" for Standard and E-Commerce Web Hosting accounts.

NOTE: If your hosting account is moved to another server for any reason, then your server hostname would change. This means you would need to reconfigure your mail software with the new hostname.

The "User Name" would be your email address, and "Password" should already be filled in from your previous entry. Click "Continue" when all information has been entered.

6) Once again you can enter a description of the outgoing mail server if you wish (such as "John's Outgoing"). The "Outgoing Mail Server" is the same as the incoming mail server in the previous step. Make sure "Use Authentication" is checked, and that your email address is entered as the "User Name." The "Password" field should already be filled in from your previous entry. Click "Continue" once you're ready to proceed.

7) The last page will show a summary of the information previously entered. Double-check all of the information to ensure it's correct. If there are any mistakes you can click "Go Back" to correct them. Otherwise, click "Create" and you're all set!

If you have any questions or issues regarding this setup process, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Reviewed : 11/7/2016

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