Blocked by the Login Failure Daemon

"Login Failure What?"
To increase server security, in the past few months we've implemented a login failure daemon. That may sound technial, but all it really means is that if you or some program on your system tries accessing the server with the wrong password too many times in a row, the server will automatically block you. The Login Failure Daemon is the program that provides this security service.

"Kindof like Fort Knox then..."
To use an analogy, imagine if you tried to log into your online banking account. You try 5 passwords, getting all of them incorrect. The online banking system automatically blocks you until you call them to have the block removed. This is for your protection as well as the banks.

Likewise, after so many failed login attempts, your server starts to wonder if someone's trying to hack into your account. It automatically blocks access from your IP address. In that case, you will need to contact support to have the block lifted. However, having the block lifted does not mean that you can get back to guessing at passwords! Otherwise you'll be blocked again before five minutes is up.

"But I'm not typing a password anywhere!"
If you're trying to access your account's mail, cpanel, or ftp, whether you're typing a password or not, your system is sending one -- and the one it's sending is apparently incorrect. The password is probably being stored in the program you're trying to access your account with, so .. Outlook, dreamweaver, WS_FTP... even cpanel itself if your password is stored incorrectly in your browser. The solution is to check your password, reset it if you have to (contact support for help with this) then correct it in any program that may have it stored incorrectly.

"Can't you just disable it?"
Just like your bank couldn't disable it's protection for a single account, we can't either. We also understand that a large office sharing one IP address may have some trouble troubleshooting this sort of thing with so many users. Your best bet in this case is to get online with a tech while troubleshooting the issue and checking the computers.
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