My Website is Suspended During a PCI Compliance or Security Scan

If you find that you are receiving "Website Temporarily Limited" or "High Resource Usage" notifications during a PCI Compliance or daily security scan, or your website is showing as "Temporarily Unavailable" during the process, please follow these steps to help avoid this issue in the future:

1) Please make sure that any such scans are only run during the late evening/nighttime hours, or during the period when traffic to your website is the lowest. This is to ensure that the scan usage isn't combined with your normal website traffic. Also make sure that any scheduled cron jobs or other automated maintenance processes on your site are run during a different time period from the scan.

2) These types of scans should only be performed on E-Commerce or higher hosting packages, or VPS and dedicated servers. The amount of resources required to run these scans unfortunately exceeds the level allowed by our smaller hosting packages (Ultralite through Mini-Commerce). This is because scanning companies such as McAfee will hit websites on a far greater scale than what many websites normally experience during a short period of time, which often times can cause high loads on the server. Therefore you need to ensure that you are on at least an E-Commerce hosting server to help ensure your site remains online during the scan.

3) If you are receiving email notifications of high usage or you are getting suspended during a scan, please contact our support department. We willl work with you to remove the suspension, and have you perform a new scan late at night to determine how much resources are required by your scanning company to complete the scan without issues, and compare that to your normal account usage. If necessary we can consult with the scanning company to see if they are able to "throttle" their scan to reduce the resource usage, or we may recommend a larger hosting plan if the scan usage is comparable to your normal website usage.

reviewed: 10/31/2016

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