I received a "High Resource Usage" email, what do I do?

You may have received an email with the subject "High Resource Usage," or you may have received an email from our support staff warning you of a high resource usage condition. What this means is that your website is using more of the server's processing power than what is allowed. Each of our servers are configured to operate with a certain number of client accounts. Specific limits are set to ensure that no one client account uses more than their share of server resources. If an account were allowed to use an excessive level of resources for an extended period of time, it could cause instability on the server. In some cases the server could fail entirely, causing all websites on the server to fail with it.

Our usage limitations are based on two criteria--the total number of processes executed (referred to as "executions"), and the total amount of time spent executing those processes (referred to as "realtime"). You can see your site's resource usage from your cPanel by clicking the "HTTP CPU Usage Statistics" icon. Your usage is compared on the graphs to the server's "normal usage" (usage levels not in danger of limitation). Each of our web hosting packages has specific usage limits set.  Higher level packages have higher limits.

If you received this notification, but your website has not been disabled, you need to contact our support department immediately at https://portal.my-tss.com/clientarea.php. We will work with you to determine the cause of the high usage. In some cases you may be able to reduce your usage by optimizing your website or disabling unneeded features, however it may be necessary to upgrade your account to a higher level hosting package. We will help you determine what is necessary based on your specific circumstances. Note that if you do not take immediate action in response to these notifications, your website may be suspended at any time.

Reviewed: 11/15/2016

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