How do I disable analog, webalizer, or awstat stat collection?

How do I disable analog, webalizer, or awstat stat collection?


By default, analog and webalizer stat collectors may be enabled in cPanel. These collect information from your apache logs, and process them into readable formats to see how many visitors have visited your site, how much bandwidth images are using, etc.

In some cases, you'll want to disable this stat collection as it can take up too much space. In analog stat collection, depending on the script that you are running, the generated HTML files can become hundreds of megabytes. Over several months we have seen users have several GB of space used just in analog stats.

It is best to disable these, as downloading a several hundred MB .html file is not efficient or suggested. We suggest using google analytics instead for stat collection - it's free, and offers a great user interface.


To disable stat collection:


1. Login to cPanel

2. Click Choose Log Programs under Logs

3.  Uncheck ALL boxes under which program you wish to disable


To clear out old information:

1. Login to cPanel

2. Click File Manager under Files, click Go on the pop-up.

3. Navigate to the /tmp/ directory on the left hand side by clicking the tmp text.

4. Open the analog folder

5. Delete the #.HTML files by selecting them and clicking delete at the top. If you have sub-domains, you may have to navigate into the sub-directories. Clearing out ALL files in the analog folder is OK.

In general, webalizer does not take up too much space, however you may follow the same steps above to disable webalizer or awstats.

If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable removing the files, please open up a ticket through your client area.

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