How do i setup Navicat to work with my databases?


Navicat is a popular desktop database management tool for several different database servers: MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, and Postgresql. In this example, we are going to setup access using the Navicat MySQL edition since we do not support the other RDBMS servers listed here on our shared servers. This example is based completely on MySQL only.


1. The first step is to login to your cpanel control panel:


2. If you do not have your cpanel login information, you can obtain this at anytime yourself through the online client billing portal. Please follow the directions as provided in this KB article:


How to view or change the cPanel Password


3. Under the "Databases" column you will see a section "Remote MySQL", click on it.


4. In there you will see a text input box "Add Access Host" this is where you will add your public ip address in so your IP is added to mysql's Allow Host field. If you do not know how to locate your IP address, visit this link and paste it into the text box:


5. Next make sure you have a mysql username & password setup under the "MySQL databases" section. And the username is assigned privileges to the database, otherwise you will get errors when attempting to connect.


6. The connection details you will provide to Navicat are as follows:



User: cpanelusername_MySQLusername

Password: MySQLpassword for cpanelusername_MySQLusername

Port: 3306


That is it! you will now be able to connect via Navicat to manage your databases from your desktop session.


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