Certificate for cpanel/whm on myhost.mydomain.com will expire in less then 30 days


If you are receiving email notices about service certificate expiration in less than 30 days, here is a solution to rectify these:

1) Log into WHM using root login details. ( - substituting your correct ip address)

2) In the upper left corner, you'll see a search option:

3) In the search option type "Manage Service SSL Certificates" (without quotes), then click on that option when it comes up:

4) From there you'll see a list of your Service SSL Certificates (FTP, Exim, Dovecot, cPanel/WHM/Webmail).  If a cert is nearing expiration, it will be highlighted in Red.  To install a self-signed certificate, click on "Reset Certificate" next to the appropriate service:

5) Click to Generate a new Certificate, then give the server time to generate and install that:

6) Repeat steps 3-5 as needed until all certificates are up to date. 

  • The self-signed certificates are good for 1 year from the time you reset them.
  • "Self-signed" means the certificate was generated by the server rather than purchased through a trusted ssl vendor.  Depending on how your server is set up, you may wish to install a paid certificate instead. Please open a ticket if you need additional assistance with this.

reviewed: 10/17/2016
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