How to setup Spam Asasassin to automatically delete emails

If you want to automatically delete all mail that you receive with a spam score of 5 or more just follow these steps;

  1. Access/Log On to your cPanel
  2. Click Email -> Spam Assassin
  3. Click Enable Spam Assasin
  4. Click Email -> Spam Assassin
  5. Click Configure (required to rewrite subjects)
  6. For the rewrite_header subject enter ***SPAM***
  7. Click Email -> Spam Filters
  8. In the dropdown box Block mails when choose theSubject and also Contains.
  9. In the new box, enter ***SPAM***
  10. In the Destination box type Discard. (this means to delete)

So now, any mail with a score of 5 or more will automatically get a subject rewrite of ***SPAM*** 

The filter will now delete any mail with the word ***SPAM*** in the subject line.

You can also choose to use a filter on your Outlook or other mail program and bypass steps 7-10 and do the filtering on your home computer, but  why waste the download time of downloading Spam.  Just delete it on the server level!

Reviewed : 11/13/2016

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