CDSEO Pro is not directing correctly from http to or from https

If you're using CDSEO Pro and you're having problems logging into the admin area of X-Cart (when you enter the login details, the page refreshes and doesn't go to the admin area) it is likely an issue with the programming from inside X-Cart.  There is a fix however that has been issued by the makers of CDSEO Pro:

All issues relating to the CDSEO Module should be directed to the staff at 

We have had a couple of users with issues, and in working with the developers, we were able to isolate the issue and they have created the work around.

The links above may change, however these were active on 1/29/2015  and related to the issue at hand.  If you notice the links are no longer valid, please contact our support team at  so we can modify this knowledgebase article and potentially retrieve the new link locations.

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