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Frontpage EOL (End of Life) – Important if you use MS Frontpage!

In mid 2006, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of FrontPage Server Extensions. A 3rd party company took over the development but as of mid 2007 have stopped further development and upkeep. As a result, the software is now considered a vulnerability on the servers as there is company checking the system for loop holes.

As of March 2008, Hands-on will be discontinuing support for the FrontPage Extensions and Bots. The FrontPage product was last produced in 2003 and is no longer supported by Microsoft.

You may still USE FrontPage to develop your site and upload to the web server using FTP, however any “webbots” created in FrontPage will no longer work. Live Publication will also cease as of March 2008.

Microsoft has launched a new Web Development product called Microsoft Expression Web.  The software uses WebDAV to connect to the servers (which is supported).  Some of the newer versions of FrontPage also support WebDAV as the connection method, however Extensions and WebBots will not function on our servers as of March 2008.

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