How to Setup Kayako Mail Pipe Parser

A step-by-step tutorial by one of our clients, Pieter. Thanks Pieter!

Technical specs
cPanel version: 10.8.2-RELEASE 115 (this is an older article)
Kayako eSupport version: 3.00.90
Other versions could work with this tutorial, but you'll have to try and see that for yourself!

>>Step 3-6 are optional; read 'Additional TIP' at the bottom regarding this<<

Step-by-step setup

  1. log into your cPanel
  2. select 'Mail'
  3. select 'Manage/Add/Remove Accounts'
  4. select 'Add Account'
  5. create the emailaddress ''
  6. go back to your cPanel home page and select 'Mail' again.
  7. select 'Forwarders'
  8. select 'Add Forwarder'
  9. create >> |/home/username/public_html/support/cli/index.php ('username' should be the name with which you login to your cPanel, 'support' is the name of the directory where you have installed eSupport)
  10. chmod the file /cli/index.php to 755 (it can be found in the root directory where you have installed your Kayako eSupport)
  11. go to the admin section of your Kayako support directory
  12. click on 'Mail Parser' (situated in the left vertical navigation bar)
  13. click on 'Insert Email Queue'
  14. fill in the following: Email Queue Address: Fetch Type: pipe
  15. that's basically it
  16. send a testmail to and check if it works.

Follow the same when you'd like other emailaddresses run though Kayako eSupport; change the into whatever you desire (example: etc.)

This has been tested with eSupport installed under:

Additional TIP
It is possible to skip 3, 4, 5 and 6 (so you can jump from step 2 to step 7); you don't add the physical emailaddress ( but only create it's forwarder (step 7-9).

By doing this, forwarding of the emaildaddress will still work and you save yourself from the trouble of having to empty the emailbox time-after-time while it's full again.

Possible problems
Some problems with piping could be related to the fact that files have been uploaded in binary mode; this should be done in ascii mode!

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