How do I whitelist all TSS emails with Yahoo mail?

It has come to our attention that sometimes Yahoo! picks up emails from TSS as spam or sometimes does not deliver. This can be caused by a number of things....the wording of announcement emails, password reminder emails and invoice information can sometimes be accidentally flagged and cause emails to not go through. It is always recommended to check your spam folder if you are missing emails.

Below are the steps to whitelist ALL emails coming from Hands-On, moving them to your inbox automatically. 


1. Log into your Yahoo! Mail account.

2. On the top right, click the "Options" drop down box and then Mail Options.

3. Click Filters on the right menu.

4. Click Create or Edit Filters.

5. Click Add, then fill out a filter name "TotalServerSolutions"

6. In the "From Header: contains" area, put "" without quotes.

7. Under "Then...", select from the drop down box "Move the message to: Inbox"

8. Click Add Filter.


You are done!

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