Making the X-cart checkout secure

have a new SSL certificate installed, but I'm not sure how to get x-cart to recognize it.

From x-cart's manual at

Q: I did not specify HTTPS URL during installation, what can I do now to make the checkout process secure?

A: First, you should figure out the name of your secure server (HTTPS), and make sure that it points to the same location as your insecure server (HTTP). Try opening X-Cart admin area home page through both HTTP and HTTPS. If you are able to do it, your HTTPS server name is correct.

Then you should edit file following the section of /config.php


# $xcart_http_host;

# $xcart_https_host;

# $xcart_web_dir ="";

# will result in the following URLs:




$xcart_http_host ="$HTTP_HOST" ;

$xcart_https_host ="$HTTP_HOST";

$xcart_web_dir ="/xcart";

Then you should go to payment methods menu and set HTTPS protocol for the payment methods that need to be secured.

Then you can set up secure checkout in admin area on Payment methods page by selecting HTTPS as protocol for payment method.


Notes from HOWH Staff:

On these three lines,

$xcart_http_host ="$HTTP_HOST";
$xcart_https_host ="$HTTP_HOST";
$xcart_web_dir ="/xcart";

you can actually specify your HTTP and HTTPS hosts. So if your certificate is installed at and your x-cart directory is called store, these three lines would look like this:

$xcart_http_host =";"
$xcart_https_host =";"
$xcart_web_dir ="/store";

If the certificate is installed at without the www, make the changes accordingly.

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