How to generate a CSR in WHM

You would like to purchase or transfer an SSL certificate but need a CSR to do so. Here's how to get one.

If you're on a dedicated server, access WHM (https://YOURIP:2087 ) then go to Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request

1. Every field must be populated.

2. Use the entire name of the state/province, ie, California instead of CA.

3. Use the two letter country code instead of the full name of a country.

4. Enter a password you remember. You won't need this often. Click to generate the form. Copy, paste, and save the results of the next page to an .rtf file . The middle box is your CSR, which you can use to order your SSL. Send it our way if you're ordering from us, or if you're transferring an SSL, give it to the SSL issuer. The files you get back will be used for installation.

reviewed: 10/27/2016

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