How do I optimize my database for more speed?

The database access seems to slow down at different times.

The optimization of a database table (or tables) can greatly reduce the time needed to access information. Think of it like a file cabinet. If everything is thrown in there, it's harder to find things. So lets organize the file system and optimize the database.

We recommend optimizing your database on a fairly regular basis - about once a week if you have a busy site. If you have a very busy site, maybe a little more frequent.

Here's how;

1) Go to /cpanel
2) Click the MySQL Database section.
3) At the bottom of that screen click phpmyadmin.
4) Click on the database you want.
5) It shows all the tables in the main part of the screen. At the bottom click the "Select All Tables" link.
6) Once there is a checkbox in each of the tables, on the bottom right use the dropdown menu and pick "Optimize Table"

This will optimize your database and speed up the searches on your pages.

Reviewed: 11/05/2016

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