How can I cancel web hosting service?

As much as we hate to see a customer canceling their hosting account with Hands-on, the cancellation process is very simple.

1) Log into Billing at :

2) Click on the "Services" tab at the top, then click on the "My Services" dropdown option:

3) Click on "View Details" next to the hosting plan you wish to cancel:

4) Click on the "Management Actions" tab at the top, then click on the "Request Cancellation" dropdown option:

5) Briefly describe your reason for cancellation, select whether you want the plan terminated immediately or at the end of the billing period, then submit the request:


Our support team will then review the request and processes it accordingly.

As per our Policy at cancellation requests must be submitted prior to the end of the billing period. Cancellation requests submitted after the beginning of the next billing period will incur the charge of the full billing period and will then be canceled at the end of it.

Cancellation requests submitted through support ticket - you MUST submit a cancellation request.

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