How can I transfer my domain name to Total Server Solutions?

Why should I move my domain registration, and how should I go about it?

The main reasons to move your domain registration from one registrar to another are:

  • Bad Services
  • Bad Pricing
  • Consolidation of Services

If you'd rather keep your domain with your current registrar, you may do so.  You would just need to modify the dns to point to our network. To do that, you'd log in at the place where your domain is registered, and replace existing nameservers.  Our nameservers are:


Otherwise, transferring a domain name is typically an easy task provided that your domain name has not yet expired and you have at least 5-10 days before the expiration of the domain name. In order to transfer a domain you'll need to:

First log in at your current registrar and:

  1. Unlock the domain.
  2. Verify that you have access to the contact email address
  3. Remove whois id protection if it is enabled
  4. Request your EPP code (Authorization Key) from your existing domain registrar.

Then you'll provide us with your epp code so that we can initiate the transfer.

When we process the order, our registrar will send an email to your whois email address asking you to approve the transfer.   You will need to click to approve within a few days, or the transfer will fail. Please let us know if you don't get that email within 24 hours.

Once you click to approve, we'll just need to wait for the losing registrar to let go of the domain, and then you should be all set. We do add one year to whatever is left on the registration, so you shouldn't lose any existing time that you've paid for.  However, this waiting process typically takes a few business days to complete, so please be sure to approve domain transfer at least 5 business days prior to expiration.

If you need help setting up your domain transfer order, here's an article that can walk you through that:

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