How to install an SSL Certificate

How to install an ssl certificate:

1) Log into cpanel:

2) Click on "SSL/TLS Manager":

3) Click on  "Setup an SSL certificate to work with your site.":

4) If you have a certificate installed already, you may remove it by clicking on the uninstall option. Otherwise please skip to step 6:


5) If you clicked to uninstall the cert, click to proceed.  Otherwise, skip to the next step:

6) Scroll down a bit, and select the appropriate domain from the dropdown menu:

7) Paste the SSL certificate file (provided by your SSL vendor) into the CRT field:

8)  Paste the appropriate key file into the key field:

9)  Paste the CA bundle file(s) into the CA bundle field if needed, then click to install the certificate:

10)  cPanel will install the certificate for you:


11) Click to close out the installation notification:

Your ssl should be installed at this point.  You may test it by going to (substituting your actual domain name.)
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