I can't access my site!

If you've been able to access your site without an issue and now it appears to be inaccessible, it's possible that you were inadvertantly added to the server firewall, or it's possible that you just need to check your own firewall or dns cache settings.  To test from windows, go to start / run / and type command.  Press enter to get a command prompt.  Then type:

tracert yoursite.com

Substitute your actual domain name or IP address of course.  On a mac, use your network tools and click on trace route, then type the domain.  Whether you use Windows or Mac or something other system, this utility traces the route from your computer to our server, and tells you where you're getting stuck, indicated by * * * *  rather than response times.

If you're seeing stars right away, try flushing your dns cache.  From the command prompt type:

ipconfig /flushdns

Try the trace again.  If you have the same result, try turning off your modem and router for 2 minutes and restarting your computer.   Then turn the modem on first, then the router, then the computer.  Try the trace again.  If you are STILL stuck with stars at the first, check your firewall settings, and run a scan for malware on your system.

If instead you see stars near the end of the trace, chances are you're being blocked by your server's firewall.  Please check your IP address (you can do that by going to www.whatismyip.com ) and give that to us.  We'll check the firewalls to see if you've been blocked and if so let you know what caused the block.

Reviewed: 11/15/2016
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