Default Address Recommendation

Many of our users set their default address to :blackhole: and some are even using the default address as an actual email address.  If your cpanel uersname is joe and you're using as an email address, we're recommending you stop.


Because email passwords are sent as text.  If your email password is the same as your cpanel password, that means someone can get access to your cpanel.  If you simply must use your default address, we recommend setting up -another- address an entering it as the default address.

Also we're recommending using :fail: instead of :blackhole: .  If you choose to use :blackhole: , your bandwidth and server resources are used to deliver the email and then delete it.  If you choose :fail: -- the server rejects the mail in the first place.  In some cases, if a user is getting lots of spam to fake addresses, we will set the default account to :fail: to reduce damage of the attack.

Reviewed : 11/13/2016

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