Do you offer Private / Dedicated SSL Certificates?

Total Server Solution Hosting does offer Private / Dedicated SSL Certificates.

There are many advantages to having your own Dedicated SSL Certificate:

  • Maintain the same URL - By eliminating users from using a common generic URL you keep the visitor focused on purchasing your products and not figuring out who is. A shared SSL will look similar to the previous URL. With a dedicated SSL your users get transported from to - this helps eliminate doubts they may have about your company.
  • Allow for more than just your store - Sometimes a helpdesk, or a secondary ordering location for resellers is necessary
  • Works with most eCommerce software - Most online store software are designed to work seamlessly with sites utilizing digital SSL certificates rather than ones which employ a Shared SSL or Chained strategy.

It's easy to see why you should have a Dedicated SSL Certfiicate for your site, and Total Server Solutions helps by keeping these certificates affordable. Please visit for more information on pricing of Dedicated SSL Certificates.

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