What is ICMP? Why do I need it?

ICMP Echo Request and Echo Reply

The two most important ICMP messages are Echo Request (8) and Echo Reply (0).

Echo Request and Echo Reply are utilized by the `ping` command to test network connectivity.
`ping` is an extremely useful tool for network troubleshooting.

In order to monitor the uptime on servers and verify that the servers are ONLINE and RESPONDING through monitoring tools, PING and ICMP must be enabled. Failure to have these ports open will break the monitoring tools at Total Server Solutions which will result in prolonged downtime for the customer as Total Server Solutions would not know if a server was offline until a user reports it.

Further information on the ICMP can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Control_Message_Protocol

ICMP is standard on the web and is required to be open and active on all servers in the Total Server Solutions network for monitoring purposes.

Reviewed 11/05/2016
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