Is there a limit to the number of emails (mailing lists and newsletters) that X-cart can send?

There are limits on the emails. We have a server imposed limit of a maximum of 400 emails sent per hour. If you use mail delivery software such as Marketing Manager v3.0 (a plugin for X-Cart), they have a setting that you can allocate "X" mailings per hour. There are some other mail policies that can be found here:

As with most hosting companies we expressly forbid the use of our servers for spamming campaigns. Spamming can be considered anything that is an unsolicited email, purchased email lists, mass mail in general. Newsletters are allowed on the servers for users who have subscribed to your letter, however if you obtained the list through means that the intended receiver did not sign up through your site, likely those are not allowed.

With Mailing Campaigns we are also monitored by our DataCenters and as such we must follow their instructions should spamming be detected on their end. Often times this involves immediate suspension of the site and a time frame in which to plead the case to the DataCenter.
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