How can I access my database from my computer?

Cpanel comes with many database access tools, and if your software package uses mysql, it will typically also have some sort of system built into it for managing and reviewing your data.  But suppose you still want to be able to access your database directly, using a program on your own system.  How would you connect?

The database port 3306 is normally closed to outside connections on our shared hosting servers for security reasons. However, we can allow remote connections from individual IP addresses upon request.  You would need to open a ticket in our helpdesk at and provide us with the IP address of the computer you wish to connect from so that we can add it to the allowed list. You can obtain your IP address by visiting

You will also likely need database connection drivers on the computer you'd lke to connect with..  ODBC is a popular option, however, we as your hosting company do not support installation and configuration of any drivers for your own system.  If you need help configuring database connectivity drivers, please search the web (again, ODBC is a popular option so you can try searching for that), contact the developer of the software you'd like to use with your database, or contact support for your operating system.

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