What are the files CORE or CORE.XXXX in my site?

Core files, usually numbered core.1 core.2 core.3 etc are memory dmps of the system when a program terminates abnormally. These files are a capture of the system's memory when a specific program has a problem and crashes.

The core files are put into the same directory where the file that was called crashed. This is helpful in finding what program is causing the crash.  If the program is inside your /xcart/customer directory, then the issues are related to a file/script inside that directory.

You may want to copy one or two of the core files and provide that to the makers of your program/script to see if they can help track down where the issue is.

In general, these CORE files take up a lot of space and can be deleted without causing any problems on your site.  If you have a number of them and wish our our staff to remove them for you, please open a ticket at https://portal.my-tss.com/clientarea.php

Further details regarding CORE files can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_dump

Reviewed: 11/15/2016
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