How to install X-Cart

So you want to install X-cart. We think x-cart is a great choice; its highly customizable and fits most online stores quite well. Here's how to get started.

Upload the software to your account:
First you need to download the software from X-cart and upload it to your hosting account here with us. Assuming you've purchased it already from , you should have some log in information for
  1. Log in, and agree to your license agreements if you haven't already.
  2. In your File Area, you can click on Software Distributives, and download the latest cart. The file you download should say something like xcart*.tar.gz
  3. Using FTP or Cpanel File Manger's upload feature, upload the distributive to your hosting account in your home directory
If you'd like us to install it for you, drop in a ticket requesting the installation. Be sure to give us:
  • Your cpanel login information (should be part of the ticket)
  • The location of the tar.gz file
  • Where you would like xcart installed.
    • You can choose whether you'd like to install it in public_html root (so you can access it at or whether to install it in a subdirectory such as 'store'. WE recommend installing it in a subdirectory, as that helps you keep your x-cart files organized and seperate from the rest of your site, including forums, blogs, static html pages, subdomains, add-on domains, or even a development installation of x-cart.
    • Some people claim X-cart gets better SEO if you install it in public_html root. We aren't SEO experts, but we think if the directory name you choose is relevant to your search terms, you should be okay. If, for example, you want to leather sandals online, a directory name like "leather-sandals" shouldn't hurt you, and your files will be organized. All that said, its your choice. :)

How to install X-cart

If you would like to do the installation yourself, here's how. We're going to use the word "mall" for your directory name, because its a word you should be able to easily recognize as one that can change to whatver you've chosen. Also we're assuming that you are somewhat familiar with cpanel file manager; if you need help let us know.

First set up your files:
  • From cpanel file manager, click on the file name and choose to extract it. This makes a new folder called xcart. Rename it to mall, and then move it to public_html.
  • Browse to your mall folder, and find and click on the config.php file. On the upper right side you can now click change permissions. Change permissions to 666 an save them.
  • Browse inside the admin folder. Change or to permission 755.

Then set up your database:
  • From the cpanel main page, click on mysql Databaes Wizard (in cPanel 11)
  • Create a new database called mall.
  • Create a username called mall (keep the password). Add that user to the database with all permissions.
  • Note that the username and database name automatically change to include your cpanel name, as username_mall .
  • Keepthat new name and database name in the instructions below
Then configure the site:

Go to . You'll have to switch out '' for your actual domain, and 'mall' for the directory name you've chosen, of course.

Page 1 - Agreement (You'll be asked to chmod more files.. don't do it)
Page 2 - A Result check. All should say OK
Page 3 - X-cart configuration

Server host name: OR
Secure Server host name: OR (If you put in www, be sure to use a www when setting up your SSL)
X-Cart web directory: /mall (If you've opted to install in public_html root, leave this one blank)
MySQL host name: localhost
MySQL user name: yourusername_mall
MySQL database name: yourusername_mall
MySQL password: password

Page 4 - Double check of settings. Pick Country & also sample products choice.
  • There's a box that asks if you want to set up a new database or not. Leave it at its default.
  • Also, you should probably opt to store images in the file system; storing images in the database, unless you have to, makes your database big and bulky.
Page 5 - Database Configured
Page 6 - Layout Design Chooser

That's it. Once you're done, be sure to keep your auth key, and be sure to chmod your config file (using change permissions in file manager) back to 644.

To follow is the rest of the installation manual:

* * * * *

Your web store's customer interface is located at:

There are default user accounts in your copy of X-Cart system. You may easily change/delete them.

Master Administration Account:
Usertype: Administrator
Username: master
Password: master
Interface URL:

Once you log into the ADMIN section for the first time, you will be asked to change the password. You will then be able to configure all parts of your store from this area.

For more information about operating X-Cart and how to create and manage your own on-line store, please refer to X-Cart Manual. There is a documentation link within your x-cart admin, or via their members section on the X-Cart site.

Customize your cart:
If you need help finding a designer or programmer to customize your cart, you can find help in the x-cart forums, or you're welcome to check with us as to our recommendations.
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