Excessive Open Ports

ScanAlert, HackerSafe, HackerGuardian and HackerProof are the main contenders on the web when it comes to security scanning and port scanning for server security. They issue reports that can list many open ports and vulnerabilites on the server.

If you recieve this report and it has the following numbers in it, this is normal procedure. The ports listed below are used under normal server operation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the report generated, please feel free to open a Tech Support ticket at https://portal.my-tss.com/clientarea.php and upload the report and we will review it with you.

80 - HTTP
8080 - HTTP
443 - HTTPS (ssl connection)
110 - POP3 Email Receive
25 - SMTP Email Sending
53 - DNS Server
21 - FTP Server
3306 - MySQL Server
1129 - Credit Card Gateway
1139 - Credit Card Gateway
2077-2078 - cPanel WebDisk
2082-2083 - cPanel Access
2086-2087 - WHM Access
2095-2096 - Webmail Access

These are the normal open ports. If you wish, if you want to upload the report that they give you, we can go through and have a look for you and review for anything that is alarming.

Reviewed: 10/31/2016

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