Is there a limit on how many emails I can send? - Delete

The server has a limit on the number of emails that it will allow to be sent in a given hour. The maximum that any domain can send out in any hour is 400 emails. If you send more than 400 pieces of email within the hour the mail will bounce. This is to help stop against large spamming campaigns etc if a site gets compromised. This also helps prevent us from being blocked by places such as SpamCop, RBL or individual ISPs such as Earthlink, AOL, SBC etc.

If you are using a mailing program to send out your mail, there should be a way to edit the number of messages to send per hour. We recommend setting the number to 200 or 300 maximum per hour so that if you had a regular email to send, you would not have to wait until the following hour.

This server setting is considered a "hard server setting" and we are unable to change individual accounts.

Reviewed : 11/13/2016
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